Grockys Guest House was started long before we incorporated it.
Let me explain

Cor & Grace Koelewijn came to Tororo in 2006 and started building this nice townhouse with the idea that it would help the Christian Volunteers that we usually receive to support our work of helping the Orphaned Children of Uganda.

With that in mind we designed the house not only as a nice residence for our self, but also leave enough space fore guests.

Just before the Covid period of 2020 we were just about ready to start opening our doors. Needless to say but Covid ruined our plans. During this time we had our daughter and her family stay in the house.

At around 2023 we intensified the work of upgrading all the rooms with their own bathroom etc, we now targeted the opening sometime this year of 2023.

We intend to be a Christian Family Style of guesthouse, serving the church and church related projects.

Cor & Grace are the owners and their daily work is the running of the Kimbilio Schools which aims to help the orphaned children around Tororo. The funds raised through this guesthouse will contribute their personal sustenance and upkeep thereby directly helping the ministry of Kimbilio.org & Heart4Children.org